FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System v2.30

The Visible Speech test screen, available with the Real-ear Option on the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System, now includes built-in test signals in addition the previously available live speech test.

The new built-in test signals include a Male speaker passage, a Female speaker passage, the ISTS (International Speech Test Signal) noise, White Noise, and Pink Noise. All of these signals are scientifically calibrated during the leveling process in order to create accurate, repeatable measurements.

The FONIX 8000 Visible Speech test screen gives the clinician a complete picture of the real-ear response of the hearing aid to a built-in speech signal or to live voice.

With Visible Speech, you can see:

  • The patient’s audiometric information (HTLs and UCLs)
  • Real-ear targets at soft, medium, and loud levels (NAL-NL1, MOD-NAL)
  • Real-time response to the speech signal
  • Average response to the speech signal
  • Speech envelope around the average response
  • Minimum and Maximum response (optional)
  • Reference microphone measurement (optional)
  • Speech Intelligibility Index (SII)

Visible Speech-color


The new FONIX 8000 Test System v2.30 also includes an update to the ISTS Coupler Test screen.

In the original ISTS test implementation, measurement data was not available to the user until after the test was complete. This could take over a minute from the beginning of the ISTS test.

Now in v2.30, the FONIX 8000 uses the power of FFT analysis to produce a running calculation of the 1/3 octave average and display it almost immediately on the ISTS test screen, even while the test continues to run. This gives the user much quicker feedback than was previously available. After the entire test is complete, the 99th, 65th and 30th percentiles are also added to the graph.

The original 1/3 octave analysis method using an IIR (infinite impulse response) filter is still available as an option, although it does not support the fast 1/3 octave running average.

ists spl graph aidinvert

This software update is available at no charge. Just contact with your analyzer serial number.

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  1. Dear whom it may concern,

    I’d be interested in knowing more about this product. Is it standalone or would I need other parts as well? How much is the overall setup?


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