Child Headband Set

This headband set makes probe microphone testing of infants and small children much easier with your FONIX hearing aid analyzer. The adjustable headband comes with flexible earhooks that attach to the headband instead of the child’s pinna. The probe and reference microphones then attach to the earhooks, placing the weight of the microphones on the headband instead of the tiny ear.

This headband set is compatible with the “old style” FONIX probe microphone set (M200, M300, M400) and the updated Integrated Probe Microphone set (M767). The headband set is NOT compatible with the first generation Integrated Probe Microphone (M757).

Assembly instructions for use with the M767 Integrated Probe Microphone. (pdf)

Demonstration Ear

This clear ear can be used for demonstrating real-ear measurements. It’s not a replacement for KEMAR, but it has an ear canal resonance that somewhat resembles an actual ear, it doesn’t mind being poked with a probe tube, and it’s easily portable. A table top stand is included.

Acceptable Noise Level (ANL) Audiometric Test

The ANL is an audiometric test that predicts whether or not a person will be a successful hearing aid user by finding out how well they tolerate noise in speech signals. Research shows that the better a person tolerates noise, the more likely they will be a successful hearing aid user.

Frye Electronics is the sole distributor of ANL. It is available in CD form.

TEN (HL) Audiometric Test

Frye Electronics is now distributing the TEN (HL) Audiometric test used for diagnosing dead regions of the cochlea. This is an important test that can help the hearing health clinician determine whether or not the patient can benefit from hearing aid amplification when they have a significant hearing loss. Dead regions can be difficult to diagnose using standard pure-tone audiometry. The TEN (HL) Test is available in CD form.

FONIX Audiometric Speech CD

The FONIX Audiometric Speech CD contains all the speech testing needed for most hearing aid clinics.

iPod with Audiometric Speech Testing

Frye Electronics is now offering an iPod package for audiometric speech testing. Join the next generation in speech testing!