The FONIX 8000 Keyboard Android App




We are pleased to announce an Android App for the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Analyzer. This application consists of a virtual keyboard that allows you to perform actions on your FONIX 8000 using your Android phone or tablet using Bluetooth® technology to connect wirelessly to your analyzer.

Set up your patient for real-ear measurements, and use your Android device to control the analyzer as you are free to walk around the room, making adjustments to the hearing aid programming, the position of the patient or sound field speaker, or any other necessary actions while you are fitting the hearing aid.

When the Tablet Option is ordered, the following is included:

  • Android Tablet with pre-installed FONIX 8000 Keyboard App
  • Bluetooth Adapter for the FONIX 8000
  • The latest FONIX 8000 software version