FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module


Audiometer Module

The NOAH Audiometer module is an elegant, computer-based interface for your FONIX audiometer. It has straightforward controls that are intuitive and easy to use while also being flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different types of users.

Remote Control of your Audiometer

If you like using your mouse to perform audiometric measurements, the Audiometer module provides controls to remotely operate most of the functions of the FONIX audiometer. The virtual control panel layout is similar to the front panel of the audiometer, making it very intuitive and easy to use. You can also enable the mouse-over feature that lets you simply hold the mouse pointer over the stimulus button to present a tone, eliminating the sound of the mouse click.

Automatically Collect Test Results

If you prefer using the traditional front panel dials, knobs, and buttons of the audiometer, the Audiometer module provides a way to collect measurement results from the FONIX audiometer in real-time. When you choose the Listen mode, the Audiometer module establishes a connection to the audiometer and monitors all adjustments and button pushes made on the front panel. Whenever you push the stimulus button on the audiometer, the Audiometer module graph updates the ongoing test results with the current selected frequency and amplitude.

Speech audiogram tab

This function allows you to plot speech testing as a function of amplitude. Four such audiograms can be plotted: unaided, left aided, right aided, and binaural aided. This type of testing can help document the improvement given by hearing aids to the patient.


1-page audiogram printout

This printout includes most of the important audiometric data on one vertical page. The audiograms for both ears are all on one graph.

FP35 Audiometer tab

The FONIX Audiometer Module supports the Audiometer Option on the FP35 analyzer. This option allows the user to perform pure-tone audiometric testing using a sound field speaker or an insert earphone. Perform these measurements remotely using the FP35 Audiometer tab in the FONIX Audiometer Module.

Recent Updates

The FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module now supports the FONIX COLT Audiometer. You can now remotely control the FONIX COLT from NOAH as well as automatically collect test measurements performed from the COLT tablet.


Download FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module Demo