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Audiometer Product List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the FONIX Audiometer. It is also available in PDF Format. Please contact Frye Electronics or your local distributor for pricing information.

Click on the Part Number to see a picture of the item.

FONIX Audiometer Part Number
FONIX COLT Audiometer with Tactile option
Including android touch screen tablet with bluetooth connection, stylus pen, USB cable, B71 bone vibrator headset, Boom Microphone & Monitor
headset, Audiogram pad, lens cloth and power cord. Pre-loaded ANL Test, FONIX Audiometric Speech Test and word list.
     With TDH-39 Earphone Headset COLT/STD
     With 3A Insert Earphones COLT/INS
     Dual Calibration with TDH-39 and 3A inserts COLT/DUAL
Accessories Packages
Clinical Office Package
Including Talkback microphone w/adaptor, Desktop Stand, Patient Response switch, 2 Sound field speakers and 3 10 ft cables, 8 patch cords,
and speaker wall mounts (pair) w/instructions. Special Package Price (save $150)
Sound booth package
Including Patient Response Switch, 8 patch cords and Talkback microphone. Special Package Price (save $38)
Soundfield Speaker package
Includes: 2 Sound Field Speakers, 3 10 ft speaker cables, wall mounts, 3 patch cords and Talkback microphone w/adaptor.
Special Package Price (save $158)
Computer Programs (See the Computer Programs price sheet for more details)
     FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module FNMV2.33AU
Boom headset 015-1217-01
Talkback microphone 058-2015-00
Patient Response Switch 076-1700-02
2 speaker wall mounts 030-1028-00
Soft carrying case 063-0007-00
Pediatric headphone headband, Wilfan 015-0222-00
Word list, 50 sheets, 2 sheets per set 010-0054-01
Replacement Parts
Main Components
Tablet 10 inch Android Bluetooth TABLET 10 INCH
B71 Bone oscillator
     Complete assembly 015-1224-00
     B71 100 ohm bone vibrator 015-0226-00
     B71 cord 015-0412-00
     B71 headband 015-0224-00
3A 50 ohm insert earphones
     Complete assembly including eartips 015-0416-00
     Package of 50 medium eartips 025-0670-00
     Package of 50 small eartips 025-0671-00
     Package of 24 large eartips 025-0672-00
     Sound tube replacement 042-0526-00
     Nipple for sound tube 042-0532-00
     Cord for 3A insert earphones 072-0301-00
     Clip Velcro button 015-0417-00
TDH-39 Headphones
     TDH-39/Headband Assembly-Wilfan/adult 015-1227-00
     TDH-39 100 ohm earphone, each (2 required) 015-0206-00
     Headband/HB-8 Wilfan/adult 015-0227-00
     Headphone cord 015-0410-01
     Earphones Cushions 015-0220-00
Wilfan Headphones, Complete assembly 015-1222-00
     Wilfan Headband 015-0222-00
     HB-8 Wilfan Headband 015-0227-00
Cables & Adapters
Patch cord cable, 1/4in. to 1/4in. Stereo, 6ft length 072-0287-00
COLT Speaker Cable (3.5mm to 1/4in. stereo) 10 ft. 072-0319-00
USB cable, 6ft length 072-0313-00
Audio headset adapter (3.5mm to 1/4”stereo) 044-0026-00
Sound field speaker, 8 ohm, 2 required 034-1261-01
Audio cups, pair (special order) 015-0223-00
Audiogram pad, 50 sheets 010-0052-00
Colt Stylus Pen Tablets (Capacitive) C-STYLUS
Desktop stand and clip for talkback microphone 030-2026-00
Holder Talkback microphone (no stand) 058-0034-00
Colt Operator’s manual 010-0055-00
Colt Maintenance manual 010-0056-00
Colt Dual calibration COLT CAL DUAL
Colt Single calibration COLT CAL SINGLE

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