Audiometer Product List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the FONIX Audiometer. It is also available in PDF Format. 

Click on the Part Number to see a picture of the item.

FONIX Audiometer Accessories/Consumables Part Number
Boom headset 015-1217-01
Talkback microphone 058-2015-00
Patient Response Switch 076-1700-02
2 speaker wall mounts 030-1028-00
Soft carrying case 063-0007-00
Pediatric headphone headband, Wilfan 015-0222-00
Word list, 50 sheets, 2 sheets per set 010-0054-01
Gooseneck Mic. Package COLT GOOSENECK MIC PKG
Replacement Parts
Main Components
Tablet 10 inch Android Bluetooth TABLET 10 INCH
B71 Bone oscillator
Complete assembly 015-1224-00
B71 100 ohm bone vibrator 015-0226-00
B71 cord (RoHS) 015-0422-00
B71 headband 015-0224-00
3A 50 ohm insert earphones
Complete assembly including eartips 015-0416-00
Package of 50 medium eartips 025-0670-00
Package of 50 small eartips 025-0671-00
Package of 24 large eartips 025-0672-00
Sound tube replacement 042-0526-00
Nipple for sound tube 042-0532-00
Cord for 3A insert earphones 072-0301-00
Clip Velcro button 015-0417-00
TDH-39 Headphones
TDH-50/Headband Assembly-Wilfan/adult 015-1227-00
TDH-50 50 ohm earphone each (2 required) 015-0211-00
Headband/HB-8 Wilfan/adult 015-0227-00
Headphone cord 015-0410-01
Earphones Cushions 015-0220-00
Wilfan Headphones, Complete assembly 015-1222-00
Wilfan Headband 015-0222-00
Cables & Adapters
Patch cord cable, 1/4in. to 1/4in. Stereo, 6ft length 072-0287-00
COLT Speaker Cable (3.5mm to 1/4in. stereo) 10 ft. 072-0319-00
USB cable, 6ft length 072-0313-00
Audio headset adapter (3.5mm to 1/4”stereo) 044-0026-00
Sound field speaker, 8 ohm, 2 required 034-1261-01
Audiogram pad, 50 sheets 010-0052-00
Colt Stylus Pen Tablets (Capacitive) C-STYLUS
Desktop stand and clip for talkback microphone 030-2026-00
Colt Operator’s manual 010-0055-00
Colt Maintenance manual 010-0056-00
Speaker Wall mounts/pair 030-1028-00
Colt Dual calibration COLTCALDUAL
Colt Single calibration COLTCALSINGLE