Announcing: The FONIX Colt Audiometer with Tactile Option

The FONIX Colt Audiometer is a revolutionary tablet-based audiometer that combines traditional audiometric measurements with the latest technology.

The new Tactile Option adds comfortable, quiet, tactile controls to the existing tablet user interface in order to give the user the ability to perform an audiometric test through touch and feel. This allows the user to pay more attention to the patient being tested instead of always looking at the audiometric controls.

The Tactile Option joins some great existing features on the FONIX Colt Audiometer:


  • Tracking: When enabled, tracking controls the input level for both channels simultaneously. So when the level for one channel is increased or decreased, the other channel is increased or decreased by the same amount.
  • Interlock: When enabled, the stimulus buttons for both channels are activated (and turned off) simultaneously when controlling the stimulus button for either channel.
  • Reverse: Flip the channels on the front panel of the audiometer. This is particularly useful when performing a test with a patient who is facing the clinician.
  • Speech testing: Load, play, and control difference speech files directly from the tablet. No need for an external CD/MP3 player!

Other new features added with this release include: ABLB, MLB, and SISI.

Take a ride on the FONIX Colt Audiometer!

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  1. I am interested in The FONIX Colt Audiometer with Tactile Option. I need to know what a new one costs, what standard accessories come with this. what are the additional costs? What is the warranty period and who can repair these

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