FONIX Computer Programs

FONIX Computer programs provide a great Windows-based interface from your personal computer to your FONIX hearing aid analyzer and/or audiometer. Remotely perform measurements, gather test results, and permanently store your data. Because our equipment is used by hearing health professionals from across the industry, each FONIX computer program has been tailored to fit the needs of different types of users. The NOAH Real-Ear Module, NOAH Audiometer Module, and Troubleshooter NOAH Module all run inside NOAH 3 and 4 and store all test results in the NOAH 3 or NOAH 4 database. Press & Go and WinCHAP are standalone programs that do not require NOAH.

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NOAH Real-ear Module

visible-speech-215_fmtVerify your hearing aid fitting using real-ear or simulated real-ear measurements. The real-ear module allows you to control your FONIX analyzer with a Windows-based interface. The latest NOAH audiogram is automatically used to generate real-ear and coupler targets, which are displayed together with your measurement results on the NOAH screen. Use the new On Top feature to verify your fitting while simultaneously adjusting the hearing aid to better fit the needs of your patient. Use the Visible Speech feature to perform measurements using a live voice signal.


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audiometer module2_fmt



NOAH Audiometer Module

The NOAH Audiometer Module provides a Windows-based interface to most of the functions of your FONIX audiometer. The Windows controls are very similar to the front panel controls of the audiometer and thus are intuitive and easy to use. Alternately, put the NOAH module in Listen mode. This automatically collects measurement results while you perform audiometric tests from the front panel of the audiometer.

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Troubleshooter NOAH Module


The FONIX Troubleshooter is an easy-to-use program that performs electro-acoustical coupler measurements of a hearing aid to make sure it is functioning properly. Three test windows are provided including ANSI, Coupler Multicurve, and Profiler. ANSI allows you to perform ANSI S3.22 measurement to the 1987, 1996, or 2003 standard (your analyzer must have the relevant test sequence). Coupler Multicurve allows you to perform individual frequency response measurements with your choice of source type and amplitude. Profiler is an advanced alternative to ANSI that measures a family of curves using the Digital Speech signal instead of the pure-tones used in ANSI. Troubleshooter also features an On Top mode!

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Press & Go

FONIX Press & Go is a great standalone program for performing routine coupler measurements of hearing aids and FM systems. Hearing health professionals can use it to quickly measure the response of a hearing aid and compare it to the previous test results to see how the hearing aid has changed since the last test. Press & Go is quick and automated. It also includes a great Test Wizard that will walk the user through each step of the hearing aid measurements. This is especially useful for training office personnel that have no particular background in hearing aids.

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ANSI 87_fmtWinCHAP is a standalone database program that works with both FONIX hearing aid analyzers and audiometers. Using your FONIX hearing aid analyzer, you can collect test results from automated test sequences (ANSI, IEC, and JIS) as well as the Coupler Multicurve, Real-ear Insertion Gain, and Real-ear SPL test screens. WinCHAP also includes a NAL/DSL test screen that allows you to perform real-ear and coupler measurements to the NAL-NL1 and DSL i/o fitting formulas. If you have a FONIX audiometer, you can store your audiometric measurements in WinCHAP and automatically collect results performed from the front panel of the audiometer. All WinCHAP test results can be exported into a program such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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Computer Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2 (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Video resolution: 1024 x 768
  • NOAH Real-ear Module, NOAH Audiometer Module, and Troubleshooter require NOAH 3.7 or NOAH 4.0

Instrument Requirements

RS232 capability required on all instruments.
The software version of the FONIX equipment needs to be:

  • 8000: 2.10 or higher
  • FP35: version 6.30 or higher
  • COLT Audiometer: all versions
  • 7000: Version 1.70 or higher
  • FP40/FP40-D: 3.70 and RS232 option
  • FA10/FA12: all versions