FP35 Options

The FONIX FP35 Portable Hearing Aid Analyzer fp35touchprobewebhas many available options and accessories. Here’s a description of the most popular ones.

Real-Ear Measurements

Real-ear measurements take the guesswork out of a hearing aid fitting. You find out the exact frequency response inside the patient’s ear and how changes to the hearing aid fitting program effect the actual real-ear response.

Three different measurement screens as well as the Audiogram Entry screen are included with the Real-ear Option. This allows you to view the real-ear response in terms of Insertion Gain, Gain, or SPL by flipping through the different screens. In the Real-ear SPL screen, the patient’s threshold values and uncomfortable values are displayed together with the real-ear response and target, making these measurements directly comparable.

Open Fit Coupler

The Open Fit coupler is designed to give you a realistic frequency response of an open fit hearing aid. The coupler is easy to use and doesn’t require any putty or special attachments. The clinician puts the earpiece of the hearing aid into the coupler just as it would be inserted into the ear. The resulting frequency response is generally more like the real-ear response of the hearing aid than the response obtained from a standard 2-cc coupler.


When a CIC hearing aid is tested using a 2-cc HA-1 coupler, the frequency response, while conforming to ANSI specifications, is very misleading. These small hearing aids, placed deeply into the ear canal, provide a great deal more amplification in the patient’s ear than is indicated by the 2-cc coupler response.

The CIC coupler, combined with software correction factors, provide a more realistic picture of what the frequency response inside the patient’s ear will be. Real-ear measurements are the most accurate way of determining the amplification the patient is actually receiving, but the CIC Option is the next best thing.

Carrying Case063-0011-00_fmt

This soft padded carrying case allows you to take your FONIX FP35 hearing aid analyzer on the road. It has all kinds of nice pockets to put your accessories, and it features both a nice handle and a shoulder strap.

External Real-ear Speaker
swingarmpkgnew_fmtMany clinicians prefer performing their measurements using an external real-ear speaker instead of the FP35 analyzer’s built-in speaker. This allows greater flexibility in your test configuration, allowing you to bring the speaker to the patient instead of the other way around. The FP35 external speaker package comes with either a swing arm or a floor stand. When the swing arm is ordered, the speaker cable is built-into the arm so that you don’t have to worry about a dangling cord.



External Sound Chamber

You can perform FP35 coupler measurements using an external chamber. This gives you much better sound occlusion than is provided by the FP35 analyzer’s built-in sound chamber. The FP35 analyzer can be used with either the 7000-style 6050 sound chamber with a flat testing surface, or a 6500-CX-style 6040 sound chamber with a concave basket. (The built-in telecoil and battery capabilities usually available with the 6050/7020 sound chamber will not function with the FP35 analyzer.) The cable connecting the FP35 analyzer to the external sound chamber is included with purchase.

If you are purchasing a new FP35 analyzer and you want this feature, you will need to order the analyzer with an M311 microphone. (This microphone has a 6-ft cable.) This microphone is available at no extra charge at the time of the FP35 analyzer purchase.

Note: The FP35 with the M311 microphone has not been tested to the IEC 60601-1-2 RF standard. This microphone may affect its RF immunity (interference from nearby cell phones and other RF-emitting devices) but will not cause a safety concern.

Other Options

  • Screening audiometer: Pure tone air threshold testing using an insert earphone
  • OES: An approximation of the Zwislocki high-end coupler
  • Telecoil: Available with the ANSI S3.22 Telewand or an external Telecoil board
  • Spanish language: Software and operator’s manual are available!
  • Battery Pills: For testing battery current drain. Requires new main electronics board.