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HEARLab Product List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the HEARLab. It is also available in PDF Format. Please contact Frye Electronics or your local distributor for pricing information.

Click on the Part Number to see a picture of the item.

HEARLab System Part Number
HEARLab System with laptop
Includes: Dell laptop, Stimulus Controller, Electrode Processor, Electrodes, Electrode Sensor pads (package of 50),
Control microphone, Free Field Loudspeaker*, Insert Earphones, Bone Oscillator, SC/EP Cable, USB serial cable,
ACA/CTE software, Headbands (package of 3) and conductive paste.
Optional Accessories
*Note: External Speaker is only sold with new HEARLab orders. When ordered, the Free FieldLoudspeaker in HEARLab System accessories is removed.
External speaker on floor stand with cord ACC/STAND/HEARLAB
External speaker on swing arm with cord ACC/SWING/HEARLAB
Kid Pack – Assortment of quiet toys KIDPACK PKG
Soft Creature/Plushy PLUSHY
Headbands (package of 3) HEADBAND PKG
Gel Electrode Prep 015-0003-00
Sensors, Blue Gel Pad (Package of 50) 026-0020-00
Insert earphone accessories
Package of 50 medium eartips 025-0670-00
Package of 50 small eartips 025-0671-00
Package of 24 large eartips 025-0672-00
Coban wrap 015-0004-00
Cotton swabs 015-0005-00
Conductive paste 4 oz. tube 015-0009-00
Replacement Cables
Electrodes & Microphones
Microphone/Reference/Control/HEARLab CONTROLMIC
Complete CI Electrode Set/CI CIELECSET
Electrode/Ground/Molded/HEARLab/CI GNDELEC-CI
Electrode/Reference/Molded/HEARLab/CI REFELEC-CI
Electrode/Active/Molded/HEARLab/CI ACTELEC-CI
Complete assembly including eartips 015-0416-00
Sound tube replacement 042-0526-00
Nipple for sound tube 042-0532-00
Cord for 3A insert earphones 072-0301-00
Clip Velcro button 015-0417-00
B71 Bone oscillator
Complete assembly 015-1224-00
B71 100 ohm bone vibrator 015-0226-00
B71 cord (RoHS) 015-0422-00
B71 headband 015-0224-00
Monitor Speaker W/O cable/adapter 034-1261-00
Cables and Adapters
Adapter, Dual Banana plug to RCA Phono Jack 044-0047-00
Adapter/14mm to 1 in. (for sound level calibrators) 044-1006-01
Cable, 10’ Firewire 6 pin HEARLab IEE1394 072-0312-00
Cable, 6’ USB VER.2 Type A/B HEARLab 072-0313-00
Monitor Speaker cable 072-0262-00
Cable, HEARLab Speaker 119-0475-00
HEARLab calibration, ISO Data Collection HEARLAB CAL/CE

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