HEARLab Product List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the HEARLab.

Click on the Part Number to see a picture of the item.

HEARLab System Part Number
Optional Accessories
*Note: External Speaker is only sold with new HEARLab orders. When ordered, the Free FieldLoudspeaker in HEARLab System accessories is removed.
External speaker on floor stand with cord ACC/STAND/HEARLAB
External speaker on swing arm with cord ACC/SWING/HEARLAB
Kid Pack – Assortment of quiet toys KIDPACK PKG
Headbands (package of 3) HEADBAND PKG
Gel Electrode Prep 015-0003-00
Sensors, Blue Gel Pad (Package of 50) 026-0020-00
Insert earphone accessories
Package of 50 medium eartips 025-0670-00
Package of 50 small eartips 025-0671-00
Package of 24 large eartips 025-0672-00
Coban wrap 015-0004-00
Cotton swabs 015-0005-00
Conductive paste 4 oz. tube 015-0009-00
Replacement Cables
Electrodes & Microphones
Microphone/Reference/Control/HEARLab CONTROLMIC
Complete CI Electrode Set/CI CIELECSET
Electrode/Ground/Molded/HEARLab/CI GNDELEC-CI
Electrode/Reference/Molded/HEARLab/CI REFELEC-CI
Electrode/Active/Molded/HEARLab/CI ACTELEC-CI
Complete assembly including eartips 015-0416-00
Nipple for sound tube 042-0532-00
Cord for 3A insert earphones 072-0301-00
Clip Velcro button 015-0417-00
Complete assembly 015-1224-00
B71 100 ohm bone vibrator 015-0226-00
B71 cord (RoHS) 015-0422-00
B71 headband 015-0224-00
Cables and Adapters
Adapter/14mm to 1 in. (for sound level calibrators) 044-1006-01
Cable, 10’ Firewire 6 pin HEARLab IEE1394 072-0312-00
Cable, 6’ USB VER.2 Type A/B HEARLab 072-0313-00
Monitor Speaker cable 072-0262-00
Cable, HEARLab Speaker 119-0475-00
HEARLab calibration, ISO Data Collection HEARLAB CAL/CE

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