Larry’s Corner

Articles by Larry Revit, Hearing Scientist 

  1. ASP Testing with the FONIX 6500 – I/O Option
  2. Real Ear Measurement for Prescription of Hearing Aids?
  3. News about Measuring ITEs in FONIX 5000 AND 6000 Series Test Chambers
  4. Proper Use of Telecoils: It’s as Easy as 1,2,3,..4!
  5. Use the In-Situ Option
  6. “Why Do I Need The Real-Time Composite Signal?”
  7. New Electroacoustic Tests for Hearing Aids Having Non-Linear Signal Processing
  8. Simplified Aided Ear Customization for Target 2cc FOG Prescriptions
  9. RMS Level vs. Spectrum Level in FONIX Composite Signals
  10. The Articulation Index and Hearing Aid Fitting — The Bad News and the Good News
  11. Real-Time Spectrum Analysis: A New FONIX 6500 Tool for Improving a Hearing Aid Fitting
  12. Speech Testing with Audiometeric Earphones
  13. Estimating the Real Ear Saturation Response
  14. Functional Gain and Insertion Gain
  15. Targert 2cc Prescription Software Update
  16. The Tip of the Probe, Part I: Adjusting the Probe Tube Insertion Depth
  17. The Most Important Real Ear Measurement You May Ever Make

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