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Computer Programs Product List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the FONIX Computer Programs. It is also available in PDF Format. Please contact Frye Electronics or your local distributor for pricing information.

Click on the Part Number to see a picture of the item.

Computer Programs Part Number
WinCHAP computer hearing aid program
     1-2 computers    "WINCHAP V3.00"
     3-5 computers    "WINCHAP SITE"
WinCHAP upgrade to the latest major version    "WINCHAP V3.00UP"
FONIX Press & Go, 1-2 computers    "PRESS&GO V.1.11"
FONIX NOAH Real-ear Module
     1-2 computers   "FNMV2.30AN"
     3-5 computers   "FNMV2.30 SITEAN"
FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module
     1-2 computers   "FNMV2.33AU"
     3-5 computers    "FNMV2.33SITEAU"
FONIX NOAH Module upgrade to latest major version    "FNMV2.XXAXUP"
FONIX Troubleshooter    "TSHOOT V1.11"
FONIX Troubleshooter upgrade to latest major version    "TSHOOTUP V1.11"
Replacement Cables
RS232 cable (integrated) for 7000/FP35-08 board    "119-1400-00"
USB serial cable, 5 meters    "072-1311-00"

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