FONIX Technical Experts List

The following professionals are occasional consultants for Frye. They provide training, give talks, and offer us valuable advice in the implementation of new features and upgrades Their expertise and enthusiasm has been a positive force in the industry, and we are very pleased to be affiliated with them.

Depending on your location and the timing of your purchase, these Technical Experts may be available to perform your training. Please contact Frye Electronics if you have in-service needs or questions about FONIX Technical Experts.

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Aaron Schroeder Consultant, Minnesota
Amy Arnold Consultant, Michigan
Andrea Warner-Czyz U of Texas at Dallas
Ayasakanta Rout James Madison University, Virginia
Barbara Kruger Kruger Associates
Carol Sammeth Audiology/Research Consultant, Parker, Colorado
Christopher Schweitzer Private Practice, Lafayette, Colorado
David Henry U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Gail Linn Potomac Audiology, Maryland
Geary McCandless Consultant, Utah
Heather Robson Consultant, Idaho
James J. Welsh Consultant, Michigan
John Ribera Utah State University
Larry Henricksen consultant, Minnesota
Larry Revit Consultant, Vermont
Linda Thibodeau U of Texas, Dallas
Mark Krumm Kent State University
Mike Valente Consultant, Missouri
Mimi Salamat Consultant, California
Nannette Nicholson University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Paul Milner Hearing Care Center
Robert Martin Private Practice Southern California
Robert Novak Purdue University
Robert Zelski University of South Florida
Rupa Balachandran Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California
Sridhar Krishnamurti Auburn University
Sumitrajit Dhar Nortwestern University
Todd A. Ricketts Consultant, Tennessee
Tricia Terlep Georgetown University
Wayne Staab Consultant, Utah
William McFarland Consultant, Montana