The Unique FP35 Touch



Experience Frye Electronics new FP35 Touch! It brings the world of the interactive touch panels to hearing aid analysis—a whole new, more intuitive operator interface.


    the screen to get a complete roadmap;


    the desired destination to navigate there.


    Source SPL to set a new level.


    “left” (ear) to change the ear.


    down to show a menu.


    to choose a menu item.


    up to close the menu.Plus many more options…. See the on-line operator’s manual to get a complete listing of “Touch” commands.

Interactive FP35 touch panel processing is similar to the popular Android and Apple products. The user thus experiences a whole new instrument interface, making the FP35 analyzer unique in the hearing industry.

See how a hearing professional can make use of Touch screen functions.

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  1. Hello,
    A federal agency has issued a contract opportunity to purchase two of these units. It seems the GSA price for this product is offline. Please provide a quote for (2) FP35 Touch Hearing Aid Analyzers. I work for JAF Supply, a contracting service that handles service-disabled veteran set-aside contracts issued by the government. If you cannot offer us the GSA price than please provide your lowest possible price. Thank you!

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