Real-ear available on the 8000

Frye Electronics is pleased to announce Real-ear Measurements on the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System. The Real-ear Option includes single or dual probe microphones with Visible Speech, Real-ear SPL, and Insertion Gain testing. All existing 8000 analyzers can be upgraded!

The FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System features the Polar Plot sound chamber, a new innovation in the world of hearing aid testing. This unique sound chamber has a special configuration in which the directional hearing aid is mounted vertically and automatically rotated 360° in order to obtain polar plot measurements within a clinical test environment. With directional hearing aids becoming more and more popular every year, this technology is a vital tool for any hearing health professional.

The FONIX 8000 analyzer has new advanced computing power with extremely fast measurements, USB computer connectivity, and the ability to add new innovations such as the directional polar plot measurements.

NOW! The FONIX NOAH Real-ear Module is included with every purchase of the Real-ear Option.

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