FONIX 8000 Accessories/Consumables List

The following is a list of all options and accessories available for the FONIX 8000.

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FONIX 8000 Accessories/Consumables Part Number
Android Remote Keyboard: Includes Android tablet and pre-installed FONIX 8000 Keyboard App. (Requires 8000 software v2.14 and up). 8000 BLUEKEY
RECD package. Includes insert earphone with assortment of eartips. 015-3418-01
Speaker stand, tabletop model 030-0021-00
Demonstration Ear with stand 180-0018-00
Paper roll 026-0006-00
Probe tubes, package of 25 074-0020-00
Insert earphone accessories
Package of 50 medium eartips 025-0670-00
Package of 50 small eartips 025-0671-00
Package of 24 large eartips 025-0672-00
Dry erase marker 006-0065-00
Blue Adhesive Putty 033-0002-00
Gasket/Paper Shim/BTE mount 8120 011-0001-00
Battery Simulator Pills (12in. cable), Autodetecting
Auto Detect Battery Simulator pill set (includes #10 #13 #675 #312) 180-0022-00
#675 Blue 059-3004-00
#13 Orange 059-3005-00
#312 Brown 059-3006-00
#10 Yellow 059-3010-00
#AA Black 059-3011-00
Battery Simulator Pills (24in. cable), Autodetecting (Special Order, 6-8 week lead time)
Auto Detect Battery Simulator pill set (includes #10 #13 #675 #312) 180-1022-00
#675 Blue 059-4004-00
#13 Orange 059-4005-00
#312 Brown 059-4006-00
#10 Yellow 059-4010-00
Add Options Post Manufacture
Additional test sequence, ANSI (including telewand), IEC, or JIS 8000 ANSI/UP or 8000 IEC/UP or 8000 JIS/UP
OES with MZ-1, MZ-2, and MZ-3 couplers 8000 OES/UP
OES Option (No MZ couplers) 8000 OES w/o/UP
Replacement Parts
Real-ear Equipment
Real-ear speaker 034-2261-02
Monitor headset with 1/4in. adapter 015-1214-00
Speaker stand, floor model 030-0020-02
Sound chamber Equipment
Telewand for ANSI 96/03 telecoil measurements 043-1053-00
Sound Chamber Cable (8050/8120) 119-0282-00
Clamp Assembly BTE (8120) 034-1974-00
Rotator Post ITE (8120) 053-1012-00
Rotator Post BTE (8120) 053-1013-00
Removable Test Surface (8120) 053-1014-00
Foam Kit for 8050, includes seal, test surface, and speaker grill FOAMKIT FC8050-1
Foam Kit for 8120 FOAMKIT FC8120
Couplers & Adapters
HA-1 2-cc direct access coupler 044-1031-01
HA-2 2-cc coupler w/ Ear Level Adapter 044-2029-01
HA-2 2-cc coupler (body only) 044-1029-01
RIC Coupler Package, SB-1 2-cc coupler for universal-fit hearing aids, 9-11mm dia., Eartip, Sebotek 9mm, package of 5 RIC COUPLER PACKAGE
SB-1 2-cc coupler for universal-fit hearing aids, 9-11mm dia. 044-2031-01
Eartip, Sebotek 9mm TIP309
HA-1 Magnetic Coupler (for the 8120) 044-5031-01
HA-2 Magnetic Coupler (for the 8120) 044-5029-01
CIC/ COUPLER ASSEMBLY (Magnetic) 044-5027-01
RIC Magnetic Coupler Package (for the 8120), SB-1 2-cc Magnetic Coupler for universal-fit hearing aids, 9-11mm dia., Eartip, Sebotek 9mm, package of 5 RIC MAG COUPLER PACKAGE
SB-1 2-cc Magnetic Coupler for universal-fit hearing aids, 9-11mm dia. 044-3031-01
Adapter 14 mm to 1 in. (for sound level calibrators) 044-1006-01
Ear Level Adapter 044-1003-00
CIC coupler for CIC Option 044-1027-01
Open Fit coupler 044-1023-01
Rectangular reference microphone adapter 044-0208-00
Probe adapter, 14mm to probe 044-0025-01
OES Option Couplers
MZ-1 coupler 044-1024-01
MZ-2 coupler 044-1022-01
MZ-3 coupler 044-1021-01
Ear level adapter for HA and MZ couplers 044-1003-00
Misc Couplers and Related Repair Parts
HA-3 modified coupler 044-1015-04
Ear Hook assembly for M767 Microphone
Slide Ear Hook 044-0070-00
Ear Hook with Velcro 043-2051-04
#13 tubing for ear level adapter, price per inch 074-0006-00
O-Ring set of 3 for HA-2 042-1500-00
O-Ring set of 5 large 042-1502-00
M1958E Elec. Microphone, Exchange M1958EX
M1958E Microphone preamp, (No Mic Head) M1958E-AMP
M1958E Microphone preamp Exchange, (No Mic Head) M1958E-AMPX
Adapter Sleeve 044-1024-01
Moduler-Integrated earhook probe microphone set M767X
Dummy Microphone 041-0025-00
Cable 6' USB ver.2 type a/b for computer connection 072-0313-00
POWER SUPPLY for 7000 & 8000 IPD# CE-150-4102-CO Ø ® 115-0004-00
8000 calibration 8000 CAL/CE