FIPP Test Program

The TEST program is provided as a way to test the communications between a Frye Instrument and a PC runing the Windows operating system. To see the available commands enter the command “H” at the command prompt.

For more information on the commands available and their use with specific Frye instruments, refer to the Fryers and FIPP documents, and the related manual for your instrument which can be found in the Fonix Programming Technical Support package.

The TestCom program requires an IBM PC or compatible computer running Windows 95 or better. You will also need a serial communications port on the computer (RS232, USB or Bluetooth).

TESTCOM requires FRYECOM.DLL to be loaded in the Windows System32 directory, or in the directory in which TESTCOM is located.

TestCom defaults to searching for the Com port. If you are using multiple attached instruments, you may need to specify the Com port being used. In this case, you can use the “C” command to select the comport you are using.

The source code is provided for the TestCom program can be found in the Fonix Programming Technical Support package.

The Test32 program is the older version of the test program. It has the same functionality as the TestCom program, but uses the older Fryers32.DLL. You can use this the Test32 program if you do not have the FryeCom.DLL on your system.

Note: Fryers32 is no longer being updated. It will still work, but it may not have all the commands available that FryeCom has. Since the FryeCom.DLL file is included in the the TESTCOM.ZIP file there is really no need to use Test32 unless you specifically wish to test the Fryers32.dll functionality.

The FBAT program is provided as a sample program to provide communications between a Frye Instrument and the PC to control a Fonix Analyzer. The FBAT program will send one command to the instrument from the command prompt. It can be used with a batch file (.BAT) to send multiple commands for an extended setup or control operation or to collect data from the attached Fonix instrument.

The FBAT program requires a computer using Microsoft Windows 95 or higher. You will also need a com port to communicate with the Fonix instrument. This may be through an RS232, USB Virtual Com port, Bluetooth Virtual Com port, or any other compatible Com port service on the computer.

Notes: To run the FBATCOM.EXE program, you will also need the file FRYECOM.DLL. The FRYECOM.DLL driver must be either in the same directory as the FBATCOM program, or in the Windows System32 directory.

The FBAT program will allow you to send any command to the attached instrument. It does not check for the validity of the command within it’s context. Thus it is possible to send a command which has little meaning in the context of the FBAT program or to the instrument to which it is being sent.

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