Developer Programming Guide

We have available both on-line (web based) programming documentation and a downloadable file that contains more extensive programming documentation, programming sources, example programs and special programs for use by developers. – Fonix Programming Technical Support package. Downloadable file that contains more extensive documentation and program examples.

Fcheck-The Fcheck program is used to test the communications between the FONIX instrument and a computer. It can tell you if the communications link is working, which COM port is being used and which Fonix instrument is attached to the port(s).

Fipp Test Programs-The Fipp test programs allow you to test the FIPP commands used to communicate with Fonix instruments. – Fonix Programming Technical Support package for the Colt audiometer. Downloadable file that contains documentation for developers writing software to communicate with the Fonix Colt audiometer using the FIPP protocol. If you are developing software for the Android platform, we have a preliminary Fipp software library available for beta testers. For more information, contact