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USB Cable Driver: This driver is used for the USB Cables supplied with all new 8000 Hearing Aid Test System and COLT Audiometer. 

Colt Calibration Tool

FONIX Manuals

Reference Guides, Workbooks, etc.

FONIX Instrument Communication Troubleshooting Guide

FONIX Instrument Developer Programming Guide

FONIX WinCHAP: WinCHAP is a computer hearing aid program that provides a graphical interface from your Windows-based computer to your FONIX hearing aid analyzer and/or FONIX audiometer. Ver. 3.00

Set Label This program allows you to change the various label components in FONIX hearing aid analyzers.

Fcheck—Use this program to test the communication link between your computer and FONIX instrument.

Fryers Drivers: Fryers32.dll, FryeCom.dll and USB drivers.

FCapture—A convenient way to capture the screen on a FONIX FP35, 7000 or 8000 hearing aid analyzer. Screen captures are saved in .BMP format.

FONIX Remote—Fonix Remote Keyboard application for the Fonix 8000 Analyzer.

IHAFF Software