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      8000 Hearing Aid Test System

       Fonix 8000 Printer software version 3.0 – How to load new Fonix 8000 printer   

       Fonix 8000 BIOS Setup and Settings   

       8000 Switch USB To RS232

       Changing Fonix 8000 Battery

       USB Serial Troubleshooting 

Comparison of Directional Hearing Aid Polar Response

FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Testing Digital Aids on the FP35

External Speaker for FP35

Testing Automatic Telecoil Hearing Aids with the FONIX FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Testing FM Systems on the FP35

Performing Automatic Real-ear on the FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Visible Speech testing on the FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

FP35 Quick Reference Cards


Balancing Radio Systems—fmAdvantage
Procedures for setting up FM radio systems for use with hearing aids by David Evans

      FONIX Analyzers (non-specific)

Real Ear Testing of Open Fitted Hearing Instruments

HA-3 Coupler

Replacing the Ear Level Adapter Tubing

Testing Directional Hearing Aids

The Fonix CIC Option (html)