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      8000 Hearing Aid Test System

       Fonix 8000 Printer software version 3.0 – How to load new Fonix 8000 printer   

       Fonix 8000 BIOS Setup and Settings     

Comparison of Directional Hearing Aid Polar Response

Troubleshooting Guide for Polar Plot measurements on the 800

FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

FP35 Features and Options
(PowerPoint Presentation 11.2 MB)
A slide presentation created by Kris Frye and modified by David Evans

Testing Digital Aids on the FP35

External Speaker for FP35

Testing Automatic Telecoil Hearing Aids with the FONIX FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Testing FM Systems on the FP35

Performing Automatic Real-ear on the FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Visible Speech testing on the FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

FP35 Quick Reference Cards


Balancing Radio Systems—fmAdvantage
Procedures for setting up FM radio systems for use with hearing aids by David Evans

      FONIX Analyzers (non-specific)

Real Ear Testing of Open Fitted Hearing Instruments

HA-3 Coupler

Replacing the Ear Level Adapter Tubing

The Effect of Analysis Methods and Input Signal Characteristics on Hearing Aid Measurements

Assembly Instructions–Velcro attachment for Probe Microphone Use with Infant Headband

Attaching a Coupler to an Open Ear Hearing Aid

Open Fit Coupler

Testing Directional Hearing Aids

The Fonix CIC Option (html)

Test with Live Speech (html)

How to Evaluate Hearing Aid Fittings for Quiet and Noisy Listening Environments (html)

Larry’s Corner (html)

     FONIX COLT Audiometer

Word lists for FONIX Audiometric test CD

General ANL Instructions

      Trade Magazine Articles

Analyzer allow testing of polar response patterns of directional hearing aids (Article in Hearing Journal)

Testing Digital and Analog Hearing Instruments: Processing Time Delays and Phase Measurements

Testing Digital Hearing Instruments: The Basics

Probe-Mic Assessment of Digital Hearing Aids? Yes, You Can! (html)

      HEARLab System

The Clinical Application of the HEARLab Cortical Evoked Response System For Determining Aided Benefit And Adjustment of Hearing Aids in Children
(PowerPoint Presentation 11 MB)
A slide presentation created by Vanessa Salisbury, Dr. Laura Booth

HEARLab training
(PowerPoint Presentation 7.9 MB)
A slide presentation created byHarvey Dillon, Bram Van Dun, Lyndal Carter, Kirsty Gardner-Berry

HEARLab: bringing hearing to infants

Use of Evoked Cortical Potentials to Evaluate the Audibility of Sounds

HEARLab Impedance information

       HEARLab Articles

Aided Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials for Hearing Instrument Evaluation in Infants

The application of Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential (CAEP) recordings in infant hearing aid fitting

Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry in Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims

So baby, how does it sound? : Cortical assessment of infants wearing hearing aids

Obligatory cortical auditory evoked potentials to speech and tonal stimuli in infants and adults with normal hearing

Cortical auditory evoked potential testing in infants and young children

The Relationship between Obligatory Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials (CAEPs) and Functional Measures in Young Infants

Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials in the Assessment ofAuditory Neuropathy: Two Case Studies

      ANSI, IEC, and Other Standards

ANSI ’09 Workbook

ANSI ’03 Workbook

ANSI ’96 Workbook

A Quick Comparison of IEC 2005 and IEC 1994 (html)

A Quick Comparison of ANSI 2009 and ANSI 2003 (html)

A Quick Comparison of ANSI 2003 and ANSI 1996 (html)

Comparing ANSI S3.22 2003 Standard to Its 1996 predecessor (article)
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IEC 118-7 Workbook

IHAFF Hearing Aid Fitting Protocol


Workbooks and other material for Obsolete Products