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FNM Real-ear Module V2.30

Introducing the NAL-NL2 fitting rule to the FNM Real-ear Module! The NAL-NL2 is the latest fitting rule from National Acoustics Laboratories, prescribing less amplification than the previous NAL-NL1 fitting rule. FNM Real-ear now includes the non-linear fitting rules NAL-NL2, NAL-NL1, MOD-NAL, and DSL mI/O. The linear fitting rules NAL-RP, Berger, 1/3 Oct, 1/2 Oct, and 2/3 Oct are also available.



Upgrades/improvements now available:
• Faster and more precise communication between the tablet and the COLT™ Audiometer base unit
• Larger stimulus buttons on the tablet screen
• FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module Update to facilitate full computer control
Upgrades in the near future:
• Mechanical switches and attenuators for presenting signals on the COLT™ Audiometer base unit

FONIX NOAH Audiometer Module

Frye Electronics has just updated its NOAH module for use with the FONIX COLT Audiometer. The FONIX COLT Audiometer is a dual-channel clinical audiometer with a tablet-based interface and a small base unit. The new version of the FONIX Audiometer Module (v2.32) allows the user to remotely control the FONIX COLT from a Windows-based computer running NOAH 3 or NOAH 4. This control actually bypasses the COLT’s tablet computer for faster operation. The NOAH interface controls are simple and easy to use. You can also capture test results run from the COLT’s tablet. Including remote support for the monitor headset, talkback mic, and talkforward mic controls from the Audiometer module

The FONIX 8000 Visible Speech Now Includes Pre-Recorded Speech!

Visible Speech-color-front

We have recently updated the FONIX 8000 Visible Speech signal to include built-
in real speech signals! These signals are scientifically calibrated during the leveling
process in order to create accurate, repeatable measurements.

Several different signals are available including Male speaker, Female speaker, ISTS
(International Speech Test Signal), White Noise, and Pink Noise. Live Voice is also
available by using the External signal selection.


colt audiometer

Frye Electronics is pleased to announce the release of the revolutionary COLT Audiometer. The COLT is a new breed of clinical audiometer, controlled completely by the touch screen interface of an Android Tablet. The user interface is intuitive and elegant, allowing the operator to move between pure-tone and speech testing with a simple touch.

The tablet computer interface sits on top of the COLT’s advanced hardware platform that does the hard work of accurate signal generation. This platform is an electronic work of art, containing an advanced collection of both digital and analog circuits. Flexibility and power are combined in one sleek package.



Now, the HEARLab® Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential Analyzer is available for marketing! Similar to existing ABR technology, it measures the auditory evoked response of a patient. HEARLab tests a later “potential” than ABR (measures 100-300 ms after the signal instead of 1-3 ms). This both allows it to be used with signals that are more speech like than the very short pips used in ABR measurements, and allows it to be used on patients wearing hearing aids. This is especially useful in measuring the aided auditory signal of patients who are unable to tell the clinician if their hearing aids are functioning, such as infants and person with a disability.

HEARLab® is now available for sale in the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union, and other countries.

Real-ear available on the 8000

Frye Electronics is pleased to announce Real-ear Measurements on the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System. The Real-ear Option includes single or dual probe microphones with Visible Speech, Real-ear SPL, and Insertion Gain testing. All existing 8000 analyzers can be upgraded!

The FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System features the Polar Plot sound chamber, a new innovation in the world of hearing aid testing. This unique sound chamber has a special configuration in which the directional hearing aid is mounted vertically and automatically rotated 360° in order to obtain polar plot measurements within a clinical test environment. With directional hearing aids becoming more and more popular every year, this technology is a vital tool for any hearing health professional.

The FONIX 8000 analyzer has new advanced computing power with extremely fast measurements, USB computer connectivity, and the ability to add new innovations such as the directional polar plot measurements.

NOW! The FONIX NOAH Real-ear Module is included with every purchase of the Real-ear Option.